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Useful Information

Welcome to the Parent Page


We hope you find lots of useful information here.  If there is something else you would like to see, please do get in touch with us.



Our School Day at a Glance 


The school yard is supervised from 8.45am and school starts at 9.00 am.


All children in 'The Old Building' - including Nursery Children should enter through cloakroom door to hang their coats up before activities begin. 


The register is taken at 9.00am and then lessons commence.


playtime is at 10.30 and children in KS1 are given free fruit KS1/KS2 can buy toast for 20p.


Collective worship is from 10.45 am 


Lessons continue from 11.00 - 12.00


Lunch is from 12.00-13.00 pm


Afternoon sessions begin from 13.00pm - 15.30pm with a ten minute playtime to bisect the afternoon.


Lessons end at 15.30pm 

Parents should colelct their children from the school yard.  If you child is on the bus they are escorted to the bus area by a member of staff.


There are a range of after school clubs which run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3.30-4.30pm.


On certain days the timetable can vary - don't forget to join us for our celebration assembly every Friday at 15.00pm




Home / School links 


We offer an open door policy for general enquiries with parents.  If there is something you would like to discuss with the class teacher or headteacher, it is often better to call and make an appointment for a meeting to ensure you get the time that you need.


Every child has a home/school link book that parents can use to inform staff about any issues or questions that they might have.  We make it a policy to look at these daily so your comments should not be missed.

Text messaging service


The school has a text messaging service which is used to primarily as a quick / urgent message service to parents. Since it's launch earlier in 2015 it has been very popular with the school community.  If you would like to be added to the text service, please contact the school office.


Twitter account 


For those of you on twitter, the school has it's own account @clapham_primary where we tweet about school news and events.  Please do follow us!   


Parent Consultations 


Because of the nature of our school, we see most parents on a daily basis but we do offer two parent consultation evenings per school year.  The Autumn Term session is a chance for teachers and parents to discuss transition, and targets based on the previous term.  The Spring Term session is designed to review progress, look at standards in work and end of year expectations. A yearly report is issued that summarises progress, attainment and effort in all curriculum subjects.