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Class 1 Morecambe Trip!


The class 1 children set off to Morecambe this morning in the rain. It didn't stop and the lovely plans had to be changed slightly.  Even though it was raining we had a chance to go on the beach and look at the sea creatures.  We caught a crab!  The rain looked like it wasn't going to stop and so we called the bus and asked them to take us to Williamson Park butterfly house - somewhere warm and out of the weather!


The lady behind the counter said we could eat our special picnic that we had made inside the Ashton memorial.  It was a special picnic because we had designed it all and baked it all ourselves. 


The butterfly house was great, warm and tropical with the big, colourful butterflies fluttering around.  We went to see the birds and the mini-beasts.  


Some of us climbed up to the top of the monument and looked at the views.  We had a lovely day and it wasn't spoiled by the horrible weather!