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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


We are a wonderful group of Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 children.



We are taught by Miss Cawood and are very lucky to be supported in our learning by Mrs Mattinson, Mrs Davison and Mr Parker.



What have we been up to?


21st November 2018

Settle Storyteller

Today we were fortunate enough to be visited by one of the fabulous story tellers from Settle Stories.

He shared a great story about a young man named Jack who fell in love with a mermaid, but every time he went near her... SPLASH... she just disappeared!

He taught us some of the key skills for telling stories, showing us how to use our voice, our facial expression and body language to help excite the listener. He even showed us just how powerful using our hands can be, working at different levels dependent on what tone/atmosphere you want to create. 





He then taught us how to power jam a story, cramming all the key elements into a 60 second slot.  This will be a useful tool when planning our own stories in class, forcing us to really concentrate on the 'skeleton' before adding the 'flesh'.

20th November 2018

Sponsored Welly Walk for Children in Need


On Tuesday, we put on our wellies for our annual sponsored Welly Walk across to Austwick. Although sunny when we set off, it was a very cold day and we got a little damp on the return journey. But our fantastic children had a brilliant can do attitude and raised over £400 for Children in Need!


We are very proud!







16th November 2018

16th November 2018  1
16th November 2018  2
16th November 2018  3
16th November 2018  4

12th November 2018

Historic Homework


As part of our Brain Builder homework tasks, Class 2 have been talking to relatives collecting their families war stories. Some children even managed to collect some war time artefacts, including identity cards, ration books, soldier pay books and war medals, which they kindly brought in to share with the class.





Friday 19th October 2018


Year 5 Residential 


This week Year 5 joined children from Giggleswick, Hellifield, Long Preston and Austwick for a 4 day/3 night residential in the beautiful area of Patterdale, and what a fantastic time we had. 


On Tuesday we were collected by Sam and Nick who talked us through the week ahead. We then got kitted up with walking boots and waterproofs before heading to our first adventure of the week - gorge walking. We headed to a little gorge just above Hartsop and began our climb. It was a little nerve wracking in places but the children were all fantastic and encouraged each other to complete their first challenge. 




Upon completing our first adventure, we headed to our accommodation where we were able to warm ourselves up with some beautiful soup and bread, shortly followed by sausage casserole and chocolate brownie and ice cream. 


On Wednesday we headed out onto Ullswater for the day, canoeing between the shores of Ullswater, the islands in the middle and even up one of the little streams leading off the fells. We were treat to dinner overlooking the lake and a little refreshment stop, making our own hot chocolate on a sheltered beach. 






When we arrived back to the accommodation we had a delicious tomato soup, followed by chicken curry and a beautiful spiced rice. We then headed over to join Austwick and Long Preston for a camp fire under a very beautiful starry sky.







On Thursday the children faced one of their biggest challenges - climbing not one, but two mountains in just one day. This was extremely hard work and the children really had to push themselves, but we all agreed that it was worth it once we saw the spectacular views from the top. 













Wednesday 10th October 2018


World Mental Health Day



Over the last year, our school have been fortunate enough to receive some excellent training in promoting positive mental health in young people by local charity Compass Buzz. As today marked World Mental Health Day, we took the opportunity to open up a discussion and challenge the stigma behind mental health. 


The children explored the different emotions that they experience within their daily lives, learned that each emotion has it's own valuable role and that it is okay to feel those negative emotions, such as anger and upset. They then looked at the importance of addressing their emotional needs and explored potential coping strategies!  


Not only did the children improve their awareness of how to look after their own mental health, they also took part in a non-uniform day which raised valuable funds for Compass Buzz. 

Thursday 4th October 2018 


National Poetry Day


This week the whole school celebrated National Poetry Day, writing poems around the theme of Autumn. 


Class 2 were particularly inspired by the environment around us, and decided to refine their theme to Autumn in the Dales. 


We looked at a lovely poem called 'Fall' by Aileen Fisher and used this to help us come up with a structure for our own poem - 4 lines per verse, the first line must always be the same, the second and fourth line must rhyme and the third line must have slightly more syllables. Here are a selection of the wonderful poems that we wrote. 



The beginning of Autumn

The beginning of Autumn, 

Crispy, crunchy leaves,

The frosted grass beneath my feet,

Pulling at my sleeves.


The beginning of Autumn, 

Red deer start to roar, 

Foxes hunting for their dinner,

Pheasants strutting across the moor.


The beginning of Autumn, 

The waterfall flows down slowly,

Peering through frosty window panes,

The birds are flying lowly.


The beginning of Autumn,

Making a lovely beetroot stew, 

Getting closer and closer to night time, 

Sat gazing at the beautiful view.


Autumn in the Yorkshire Dales


Autumn in the Yorkshire Dales,

Young birds nestle next to their mothers, 

The bracken woven in the nests,

The hedgehogs rush for cover.


Autumn in the Yorkshire Dales,

The houses frosted with thick cream,

The sunflowers drooping sleepily, 

The water flowing down the stream.


Autumn in the Yorkshire Dales,

The bracken standing proud, 

The leaves crackling, red and brown,

The red stags are roaring loud.


Autumn in the Yorkshire Dales,

Trees become brittle,

Frosty glass shimmers like emeralds,

The plants become shrivelled and little.


Autumn in the Yorkshire Dales,

The trees swaying in the breeze,

The birds dancing through the sky,

The leaves make the river ease.








Friday 28th September 2018


Class 2 have been fortunate to enjoy some sunshine during their PE lessons this week. This week Jordan has been helping the children to develop their team work and coordination skills in a series of fun activities around the playground. 







Tuesday 25th September 2018


This week in Art and Design, Class 2 have been looking at Saxon runes.


We have looked at  the different runes used in Saxon jewellery and used these to create our very own runes. 









Tuesday 18th September 2018


As part of our Saxon topic, Class 2 have been looking at Saxon weapons, such as spears, battle axes and daggers.


Whilst spears were the most common weapon in the Saxon times, we discovered that battle axes were the most gruesome, as they allowed the Saxon warriors to pull down shields and take terrifying swipes at their enemy. 


Each of the children chose a weapon to design (mainly battle axes) and thought carefully about adding details to make these as realistic as possible, and the results are quite terrifying. 




These are now up on display in Class 2 behind our very own Saxon long boat.

   13th September 2018


Westmorland County Show


Today the whole school jumped on a mini bus and headed to the Westmorland County Show to take part in a celebration of agriculture and rural life. 


Whilst here, the children got to see and learn about lots of animals including poultry, sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, goats, alpacas and birds of prey. They also got to learn about and have a go at lots of country crafts, such as basket weaving, lace making, clog making, rag rugging and stone masonry. 


Later in the day we visited the education tent where the children were able to look at lots of displays, take part in mini harp lessons and EVEN have a go at a bug eating challenge, eating mealworms, crickets and ants! Certainly no fussy eaters at our school!


The highlight of the trip for Miss Cawood however was seeing how respectful the children were in the remembrance tent, and seeing the cheer that they brought through their dancing. They drew lots of visitors into the tent, many who later commented how brilliant the children were. Miss Cawood, Mrs Mattinson and Mr Parker certainly think so! 


It was such a fantastic day out and we hope the children enjoyed it just as much as we did!
















12th September 2018


Roald Dahl Day


What a fantastic Roald Dahl Day we have had in Class 2! 


This morning the children were set the task of applying for the role of sweet inventor at Willy Wonka's factory. First of all the children had to select a sweet and a function. We had candyfloss that reappeared after every bite, rainbow rock that could change  your skin to any colour of the rainbow and extreme shockballs that were filled with sour sherbert (perfect for bullies!). The children then had to think about how they would market their new sweet, collecting lots of adjectives and verbs that would capture the interest of young children. The children then had to think about packaging before putting together a short sales pitch to present to Mr Wonka himself, explaining why their sweet should gain them a job in his factory. 


This afternoon, Class 2 took part in some Willy Wonka inspired Science investigations. We learned how absorption can allow us to grow giant gummy bears, how dissolving can create a skittle rainbow wheel and how pressure and density can allow objects to float/sink (similar to Charlie floating in the fizzy drinks room).


The children were amazed by each of these investigations and made some fantastic contributions to discussions around what was happening and why. 


What a Dahlightful day! 









10th September 2018


To begin our wonderful new topic - Raiders and Traders, the children were challenged to begin creating a Saxon boat that could carry eight Germanic warriors across the North Sea to Britannia's Eastern shores. 


Whilst our boat may be built from cardboard and therefore unsuitable for the choppy waves of the North Sea (not to mention it's bottomlessness), the children exceeded this design criteria and worked so hard tin their groups that they were able to build a boat large enough to fit THE ENTIRE CLASS inside.


We hope to work on our boat over the coming week ready for it to sit centre stage in our all new self lead learning area. 




7th September 2018


Welcome back to school after what we hope was a relaxing and enjoyable six weeks. We are very excited to get back to school and begin what we hope will be a fantastic new academic year, filled with positive challenges, exciting opportunities and fantastic experiences.


This term we would like to extend a particularly warm welcome to Thebe and Jimmy who will be joining us in Class 2. Class 2 are so excited to have two new members of the class. 


The children have been working exceptionally hard over the last few days and have made a truly wonderful start to the academic year. 


Attached below is our Autumn newsletter, listing all the information you may need to help you settle into the new academic year.



Autumn Newsletter

Last year's adventures (2017-18)

27th June 2018


A rockin' musical bench??


After a two year project with Bobbie Miller, where we have learnt all about quarrying in our local area, today we received the most wonderful final product - our musical picnic bench. Bobbie has used a selection of local limestone and greywacke, from Arcow, Ingleton and Skipton quarries. 


How lucky are we? We absolutely love it!









18th May 2018

To celebrate the end of SATs week and all the hard work that the Year 6 pupils put into their end of Key Stage 2 tests, we headed outside and explored the beautiful countryside to complete one last challenge - climbing Ingleborough. We were extremely fortunate with the weather and were rewarded with some fantastic views from the top! Well done guys! We are so proud of you all!








7th March 2018


This afternoon, Class 2 have been studying the insides of different fruit and vegetables. We have been looking closely at the colours and shapes we can see to create some beautiful still life drawings! 



1st March 2018


World Book Day 


What a fantastic day we have had celebrating World Book Day! Class 2 put a phenomenal amount of effort into their costumes and all brought one of their favourite books into school to share with one another! 









22nd February 2018




To start our new topic - Allotments, Class 2 have begun to think about what foods we would like to start growing in school. We have been looking into the needs of each of these plants and thinking about where we might grow them. This afternoon, we made the most of the sunshine and undertook a survey of the school grounds, identifying the level of sun and rain exposure different areas provided. 

20th February 2018


To kick start our new topic - Allotment, Class 2 thought about the many foods that we throw into our shopping baskets each week. What we didn't quite realise was just how far our food travels to get to us! Take a look at the shopping basket below!!

Time to start growing more of our own and reduce those food miles! 

25th January 2018

Sparky Science 


In Science we have been learning all about American inventor Thomas Edison and his magnificent light bulb. Although not the first Scientist to create a functioning lightbulb, Edison designed and created the first mass produced lightbulb.




His screw in design was so significant in fact that many bulbs today have the initials ES in their name - Edison Screw.




We have had a go at lighting our own bulbs! 









22nd January 2018

Wash Day


Recently the children in Class 2 have been studying some typical household items.


Take a look at the items below.  Can you guess what they are?





As part of our venture into the Victorian house, we learned first hand how the Victorians would have to wash their clothes. We used a bucket and metre stick as our wash tub and dolly, grated some soap into some warm water and had to scrub our clothes against our washboard. Unfortunately, we didn't have a mangle, so the children had to use their muscles to squeeze the excess water out.







19th January 2018

Victorian Houses


Today the children have been learning what life was like for some of the poorest Victorians, living in cramped terraced houses. 


To show what they have learned, the children have created some wonderful models of Victorian streets.






See the typical back lanes that are cobbled, with washing lines full of clothes? Haven't they done a great job!


12th January 2018


A Victorian School Day at Clapham Primary


To kick start our wonderful new topic - Revolution, Miss Cawood and Mrs Mattinson worked very hard to transform the Class 2 into a Victorian classroom. All the computers were removed from the room, the tables were placed in rows,  the whiteboard became a chalkboard and any colourful displays were covered with maps and images of the Queen. 





The children were very surprised when they were collected from the playground by two very stern teachers who then lead the girls and boys in via different entrances. 




The children were subject to a nail inspection before being lead to their seats, where they would sit for each of the classes - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.




In the afternoon, the boys took part in technical drawing whilst the girls learned to do cross stitch.  




A few naughty children even had to wear the dunces hat! Tut tut!




We had an absolutely fantastic day!

So much so, the children have asked for a Victorian day every Friday! Eeek!




21st December

Shadow Puppets


To finish our unit of work around Earth, Space and Light, the children in class 2 have designed and created their own festive shadow puppets. They have thought carefully about the challenges of showing smaller details such as facial features, ribbon on presents and tinsel on trees, and have come up with creative solutions to this, cutting these details out so as to let the light through.










13th December 2017


Aladdin @ Dukes Theatre


What a spectacular time we all had at the Dukes Theatre! It was a fantastic, action packed performance and the children even got to enjoy an orange ice lolly during the interval.  







Wednesday 6th December 2017


Children of the World


After weeks and weeks of rehearsals and dress rehearsals, the children put on an outstanding performance of Children of the World. 

4th December 2017

Bethel Chapel


Today the whole school made their annual visit to Bethel Chapel to take part in their Christmas activities. As well as hearing the Christmas stories, told by Paul and his wonderful balloons, the children made some beautiful 3D star decorations and stained glass window images. The children were treat to some delicious snacks and were also delighted to find candy canes, chocolate and Haribo hidden in the goody bags they brought away with them.


Thank you so much Bethel Chapel. We had a wonderful morning with you! 






24th November 2017

Egyptian Art


As part of our topic 'Ancient Egyptians', Class 2 have been looking at and recreating some of the images found within Egyptian artwork. Most recently, the children have recreated images of Egyptian Pharaohs and created some beautiful Egyptian death masks which can be found on display outside the school office. 







10th November 2017

Cloggy Day


Today the children were joined in school by Alex Fisher. Alex is a professional clog dancer with over 20 years experience. She taught us about the history of clog dancing and showed us several moves which we put together to create our very own clog dance.



2nd November 2017

Welly Walk


Today the children from Class 1 and Class 2 took part in a sponsored walk from Clapham to Austwick. Whilst we were most fortunate with the weather, being treat to some glorious sunshine, it was very muddy under foot. The children did exceedingly well though, helping each other over stiles and encouraging the younger ones when their legs became tired. 


For more photographs, head over to our photo gallery.





26th October 2017 

Pegboard Polygons


Class 2 have recently been studying the properties of different 2D shapes. To start this unit of work, the children were challenged to make as many different triangles and quadrilaterals as possible and then note the similarities and differences in the shapes that they made. Look at the fabulous shapes we made!





12th October 2017

Settle Stories


Today we were joined by a storyteller from Settle Stories.

The whole school heard some wonderful stories about autumnal trees and birds of freedom, and then Class 2 learnt of a wonderful Ancient Egyptian story about Isis and Osiris.  





10th October 2017

Solar System Science


Class 2 have been doing some great work lately around the solar system. We have been exploring all the major planets in our solar system, their size and position and have begun to explore the importance of the sun to us here on Earth. We've even started to think about different time zones around the world.


Here are some photos of our fabulous work.





9th October 2017

Longrigg Residential


Year 5 had a fantastic week at Longrigg Outdoor Activity Centre.

We took part in lots of adventurous activities including; Ghyll Scrambling at Barbon Fell, Canoeing at Coniston Water, Caving at Kingsdale and Hill Walking up Winder. 


For more photos, please head over to our photo gallery.




29th September 2017

Macmillan Coffee Morning


Class 2 held their annual coffee morning to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care. The children did a fantastic job of organising this, bringing in lots of faces from the village and raised a whopping £130! 


Thank you so much to anyone who donated cakes or came along!




21st September 2017

Dry Rigg and Arcow Quarry


As part of our arts award that we are completing, Class 2 returned to Dry Rigg and Arcow Quarry to learn about the restoration programmes here.


We were greeted by Mik Cardus, the quarry manager, who took us into the education centre and taught us about the different animals that live here, the habitats that they enjoy and the future plans to accommodate more wildlife once the quarry closes. 





Last years adventures (2016-17)

North Yorkshire Millennium Trust - Horton in Ribblesdale Mapping Trip


On Friday 10th March 2017, we travelled to Horton-in-Ribblesdale Primary School to take part in a mapping event.  Firstly, we had a good look at some OS maps, identifying the different symbols. We then had to take part in a race, matching the symbols with the correct geographical feature. Following this, we headed outside and used our skills to map out the school grounds ready for a treasure hunt.





North Yorkshire Millennium Trust - Felting Workshop


On Wednesday 11th January, Anthea came in to run our second workshop on behalf of the NYMT.

This time Class 2 were learning to felt, recreating images of local scenery.


We all enjoyed this very much, especially Miss Cawood who has now found a new favourite hobby!



More photos can be found in our photo gallery.


Children in Need 2016



This year we dressed up in spots to raise money for Children in Need.

Spotty day raised nearly £100 for Children in Need.



Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust


Gathered under the viaduct


On Wednesday, 19th October, Class 2 travelled to Ribblehead to take part in the first of a number of events.  We walked up the path to Ribblehead to learn about the building of the viaduct.  We had to use our imagination - buildings in shanty towns, small trains carrying materials, lots of people, with the area being all muddy.


  We counted the arches and estimated the height of each arch. Anthea taught us a very lever trick for this, asking us to stand in front of the viaduct and lean over to look at the arches between our legs. As soon as we could see the top of them we were the same distance away as their height. We then used string to help us measure the distance we had travelled.


After this we walked back to the quarry (now a nature reserve), where we were challenged in teams to build a small stone wall.   A fantastic day to experience the history of Ribblehead!

For more photos, see our class gallery!


Humphrey Head 2016


Year 5 had a fabulous week at Humphrey Head.


​Head over to our photo gallery to see more wonderful photographs of our adventurous week away!