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 A behaviour code that protects everyone


Here at Clapham we are very proud of our welcoming environment where children feel safe, learning and playing together.  There are times in a school that this doesn't always happen and children fall out.  We have a clear policy on behaviour management in school.  This can be read in our policy section of the website.  


We take a zero tolerance approach to any form of bullying / racist or homophobic bullying and have clear methods of protocol if this occurs.  As a school we will run a series of sessions that challenge this behaviour with every child, this would take the form of anti bullying theme weeks and the celebration of differences through whole school work.


We also offer support for parents of children who cause us concern.  Together we will formulate a plan to bring about a positive change in your child's behaviour. We have access to experts who can work with you to facilitate this.  We will do our best to support you and your child.  Parent responsibility is extremely important and without parents taking such responsibility any plan is unlikely to be effective.