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Reading dog

Reading to Myrtle helps children in the school develop a real love for reading!



A reading dog gives the children a real boost of confidence, they enjoy reading to Myrtle and Myrtle enjoys listening too!

Our reading dog

Our reading dog 1
Our reading dog 2

For some children, having Myrtle in school  has really helped with their reading confidence and also developed a love of reading aloud.  We have seen lots of good progress in reading since having Myrtle join us as a reading dog.


Myrtle is a very well behaved working cocker spaniel who likes nothing better than to listen to the children reading her stories.  She has a lovely, kind manner and the children enjoy having her around.


Myrtle came to school as a puppy of 10 weeks old and has grown up in the school environment.  She has taught the children about growing and changing and when the children are upset or anxious helps to calm them down.  Myrtle sometimes joins in with the children during playtime!


When not at school, Myrtle likes nothing better than relaxing on her favourite cushion in front of the fire and listening to folk music and eating.

Picture 1

Myrtle helps with a snow ball

There are lots of theories suggesting that reading dogs really make a difference.  And we know that having Myrtle around spreads so much joy and happiness too!

Myrtle retires to have babies


Myrtle gave birth to four lovely puppies on the 28th May 2017 - while she is busy being a mummy she is not visiting school until September.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1