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Our Results

Welcome to our Results Page!


Here you find our school results from the end of 2017 and how we compare with National Standards.    

Here you will find last year's results compared to other schools in the Local Authority and how the school compares to national averages.  

Early Years Summary 2017


 Good Level of Development



 School:            83%


National:          70.7 %


Average Point Score


The small cohort of five children achieved an average point score of 33.6 


Nationally, the average point score for a cohort was 34.5



How did we compare with other counties across the UK? Have a look at this map!

 KS1 Summary 2017 (Cohort of 3 children)

 Reading, writing and mathematics




School: 67 %  

National 76 % 

North Yorkshire Schools: 75%


Percentage of children working at greater depth:  33%

National: 25%

North Yorkshire Schools: 26%




School: 67%

National 68%

North Yorkshire Schools: 68%


Percentage of children working at greater depth: 0%

National 16%

North Yorkshire Schools 16%




School:  67%

National:  75%

North Yorkshire Schools:  74%


Percentage of children working at greater depth: 0%

National: 21%

North Yorkshire Schools: 20%



KS2 2017 Summary 

Cohort of 5 children

Average Progress Score


An Average Progress score calculates the progress made by the cohort of children from their KS1 results.  


Our 2017 progress scores were:


Reading      -0.7

Writing      +0.9

Maths        - 7.8




Children achieving National Expectations in Reading, Writing and Maths


60% compared with 61% nationally 


Children achieving a higher standard in KS2


Reading 40%

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 20%

Maths: 0%

Writing: 40%


Average Scaled Score in Reading and Maths




School: 108.6

National: 104




School:  101.2 

National: 104.2


Progress measures in maths form one of our school priorities for 2017 /2018

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