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Meet the Governors

Governors at Clapham CofE (VC)  Primary School


The governing body is made up of 9 governors in total who also form the part of the finance committee.


The committee and full governors meet once a term in school with the headteacher.  We presently have three vacancies on the school governing bod (one LA governor,  co-opted governor and a parent governor.)



The Governing Body


Mr. Michael Ravey - Chair Of Governors (parent)


Meetings attended 100%

Mr. Ravey is a parent governor and has a child in KS2.  Mr. Ravey is experienced in Education and has a specialist interest in SEND / Vulnerable Groups.  Mr Ravey is our Link Governor for SEND and has no pecuniary interest

 Term 29.09.16 - 29.9.20


LA Governor

Mrs. Maria Farrer


The Farrer family own the Estate of Clapham and their lineage have always been involved in the school.  We are so happy that the Farrers have returned to Clapham to once again be part of our community.

Marie will be confirmed as governor once she gets LA approval


Mrs. Elizabeth Greenbank - Foundation Governor

(Link Governor for Sustainability SDP priority 3)

New Governor for 2017/2018

Mrs. Greenbank does not have a term of office as she is a foundation governor.  Elizabeth works in a senior role in the NHS and lives locally. 

 Term 17.7.17 - 17.7.21


Ms Marilyn Galpin - Co-opted Governor

(Progress SDP priority 1 Link Governor)

Meetings attended 100%

Miss Galpin has worked in the education sector and has experience with business and finance. Her term of office ends in 2019. Miss Galpin was co-opted as a governor following a skills audit and now is a link governor for Pupil Progress.  She has no pecuniary interests in the school. 

Term 26.2.15 - 26.2.19


Ms. Jackie Rowe - Staff Governor

Meetings attended 100%

Jackie has taught at Clapham for over 12 years and has taught in both classes.    Jackie has no pecuniary interests in the school.

Term 22.05.18 - 22.05.19



Mrs. Angela Martin - Co-opted Governor

(School Improvement)

New Governor for 2017/2018 

(Angela is the Link governor for Curriculum SDP Priority 2)

Angie works in Education and lives locally. She contributes to the Local village newsletter and enjoys village life!

Term 17.7.17 - 17.7.21


Rev. John Davies - Foundation Governor

April 2018-2022

John is the vicar at Clapham Village church, St James's and visits the school weekly


Mrs Katherine Marshall - Acting Headteacher 

New Governor for 2018-19

Meetings attended: 100%

Mrs Marshall is the school's Acting Headteacher and joins the governing body for each meeting to keep them informed of the schools progress. Mrs Marshall has no pecuniary interest in the school.


We currently have a vacancy for a parent governor


Clerk to Governors

Mrs Sarah Williamson

Meetings attended 100%

Appointed September 2018

Our Clerk can be reached by email: